Dunwoody Prep presents an environment where students are exposed to a rich balance of academic and social skills that afford them a bright future in an increasingly competitive world. Our “whole child” approach to child development and our specialty programs afford a true balance that few pre-schools are able to achieve. Our administrators, teachers and parents work together as a team to create a partnership for a happy and loving environment.

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Dunwoody Prep infants are cared for by a specific primary care teacher. Our home-like atmosphere is one where babies are rocked, cuddled and surrounded by love. Each child has their own crib as well as an individualized daily schedule and meal plan. Our professional teaching staff facilitates learning by promoting readiness skills as children grow and develop during their first year of life. A weekly music class is a wonderful enhancement to the program and is included for all children in the infant classroom. Parents receive a written report daily about their child’s day at school.


Toddlers & Twos (1-2 year olds)

As our babies grow into toddlers, they begin the transition toward independence. Teachers assist the children in developing their individual self-help skills while promoting self-worth through creative movement, art, outdoor play, story time, scientific inquiry, math, music and sensory experiences. Children are exposed to language experiences through books and song as well as a weekly music class. Our twos master the social and cognitive skills (including pre-reading and math skills) needed for the Dunwoody Prep Preschool Program.


Preschool (3-4 year olds)

Dunwoody Prep’s Preschool classrooms are full of enthusiasm to support this year in a child’s life when true friendships are made.  By offering hands-on, multisensory learning with a curriculum which is aligned with national and state early learning standards, we ensure that all children are challenged.  We incorporate a phonics based reading program, hands-on math, Spanish and sports skills as part of the preschool program. Optional specialty programs such as ballet and tap, creative movement, music, tennis, golf, and soccer are available.  Having these programs in-house gives children a wonderful variety of experiences that our full time working families might otherwise struggle to schedule. In order to expose our children to age appropriate technology, we utilize a Promethean/Smart Board for developmentally appropriate, interactive activities which are aligned with lesson plans.  Each preschool classroom has a computer complete with children’s games that enhance our technology program.


Pre-K (4-5 year olds)

In addition to all that the Preschool classes offer, our Pre-K curriculum includes exposure to sight words, blending sounds to become readers, writing stories, money awareness, understanding weather, addition and subtraction, engaging  in role play, widening horizons to different cultures, opening doors to critical thinking skills and exploring child friendly tablets.  Our Pre-K classes are the final step in building a strong foundation that prepares our graduates for academic and social success in their elementary school years.

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