Dunwoody Prep’s teachers provide the individual attention and developmentally appropriate pacing which encourages discovery, investigation, and problem solving. Our students evolve into confident and independent learners.

Children engage in exploratory learning centers where they experience hands on math, reading and writing activities, discovery science, social studies, social emotional skills, art and music. The day is balanced with teacher-led activities in both large and small groups. Our teachers guide and facilitate the learning process while developing an extensive individualized assessment for each child. The Teaching Strategies GOLD Individualized Child Portfolio is discussed in a formal conference with parents twice each school year. During these conferences, a school/home action plan for next steps in the child’s growth is developed. Ongoing parent-teacher communication happens daily.


Research tells us, children who attend high quality center-based care and who participated in full-day, high-quality programs from birth to kindergarten ….

can improve academic and behavioral outcomes when they reach kindergarten.

tend to have better pre-academic and language skills than other children.

perform better in math and reading in the early grades of elementary school.

were more likely to attend a four-year college and score higher on measures of academic and intellectual success.

There are five areas of development (domains) that are critical to a child’s readiness for school:

1Physical well-being and motor development
2Social and emotional development
3 Approaches to learning
4 Language
5Cognition and general knowledge

Children who have competence across all five domains of school readiness are more successful in first grade academically than are children who have competence in only one or two domains. Our teachers guide and facilitate the learning process by linking curriculum and assessment across all five domains.

Dunwoody Prep graduates attend both private and public schools and consistently excel above their peers.