Dunwoody Prep is an independent private school that offers more than a typical daycare, childcare or preschool. Dunwoody Prep was established in 1988 and now has an enrollment of 175 children.

We offer full day, year-round programs for infants through five year olds.   Knowing that most of our families are working in full time careers, we follow our own school calendar. Please see our school year calendar to view which specific days we are closed. Together, our whole child approach to child development and specialty programs afford a true balance that few early learning centers are able to achieve.

We have the pleasure of watching children grow up and graduate and then have the opportunity to educate their little brothers and sisters. Our teachers and parents work together as a team to create a partnership for a happy and loving environment. We present an environment where students are exposed to a rich balance of academic and social skills that afford them a bright future in an increasingly competitive world.


To provide an environment that serves the whole child as well as the family through fostering learning and social development.


Academic Excellence

We challenge our students academically to develop their passion for learning. Our curriculum provides a strong foundation in all subject areas to prepare the children for school success and beyond. In addition, we strive to maintain high standards of continuous professional development for our Dunwoody Prep staff.


As facilitators, we enhance traditional educational methods with a balance of developmentally appropriate interactive technology.  We expose our students to this variety of materials to instill a broader knowledge base in our constantly changing, technologically advanced society.


We cultivate the partnership necessary between educators and families to provide an academic learning environment that is safe, happy, healthy, and instills a love of learning.


We welcome and celebrate diversity by providing experiences and opportunities that encourage social acceptance and global awareness.    Our anti-biased curriculum exposes our students to the traditions and practices of others with a focus on acceptance and understanding.

Nurturing environment

We foster a nurturing environment to build each child’s self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and positive attitude as we provide them with life skills needed to adapt and succeed with a sense of initiative and creativity.


advanced accredited

Dunwoody Prep has received the distinction of receiving accreditation from the Southern Association Commission of Colleges and Schools (SACS) which is administered by AdvancED. AdvancED is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts on-site reviews of PreK-12 schools, school systems and colleges to ensure that all learners realize their full potential. To achieve accreditation, educational systems must provide a rigorous and robust quality education to every learner in order to prepare them to succeed in a constantly-evolving and diverse world.

SACS accreditation

We are also accredited by the Georgia Accreditation Commission (GAC). GAC establishes standards promoting instruction of high quality for children in Georgia and encourages schools to meet the established standards. GAC’s accreditation process strengthens the quality of education in each school and assures that the established standards are related to the best educational practices.

bright from the start logo

We are licensed as a Child Care Learning Center with Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Education. Bright from the Start is responsible for meeting the child care and early educational needs of Georgia’s children and their families. Bright from the Start oversees licensing and monitoring of all center-based and home-based child care facilities.


We offer full time, year round care. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Study of Early Child Care, is the largest and most rigorous examination of day care in history, taking into account family income and the quality of day care. Current results clearly show children at a very young age benefit from fewer hours in child care. For the benefit of our infants and toddlers, there is a ten-hour maximum attendance per day for a child enrolled in Dunwoody Prep’s Nursery Building. In addition to our full-size gym, our programs are housed in two buildings:

Preschool Building

dunwoody preschool

Open Monday through Friday
from 7:00 AM until 6:30 PM

Nursery Building

dunwoody nursery

Open Monday through Friday
from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM